Step Four: Applying A Second Perfect Coat

Getting a second perfect coat on your homemade blocks uses the same techniques as the first coat. But we want to share some new tips and tricks to help you achieve stellar results as you make your toys.

Remember! Use just a little paint, and whether using the perfect brush or a foam applicator, keep the brush perfectly straight up and down. This technique makes getting a crisp, professional-looking edge on your toys much easier.

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Second Coat = Perfection

We always recommend applying at least two thin coats and letting them dry to the touch between each coat. With a light coat, this won’t take much time. Most likely, a light coat will be dry to the touch in less than five minutes.

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Two or Three Coats?

The Rosy Red, Mary Blue, and Cozy Black paints are opaque. You won’t need many coats for these colors.

But the Buttercup Yellow and Snowy White are more transparent. So you may want to apply as many as three coats for these colors.

Similarly, if you mix soft pastel colors, you will need more paint coats.

No problem! Take your time and let each coat dry to the touch before applying the next one.

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Protect Your Surface

Always place your wooden blocks on an unpainted side to dry. This prevents the paint from smearing or gluing blocks to the toy-making surface.

You can prevent gluing your blocks to your painting surface by placing them on a heavy plastic, such as a gallon freezer bag. We have found that technique very helpful when we don’t want to risk getting paint on our toy-making surface or accidentally gluing the blocks.

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Dry A Finger Width Apart

We recommend placing your toys a finger-width apart while they dry and before sealing them.

If the blocks rub against each other before being sealed, the paint will transfer and mark up your toys. Although you can fix this with your sandpaper, you can avoid it by simply storing them away from each other until they have been sealed and are perfectly dry.

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Taking the time to finish this second, smooth coat is really going to make your toys look professional and gorgeous. You got this!

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