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Baby Love Pattern

‘It’th a cupcake.” The toddler looks solemn as they carefully balance the homemade toy on a tiny plate.

“A cupcake!” You reach out to take the wooden block. They nod, pointing to the colorful pattern on the side. “Thee, it hath thprinkleth!”

“Sprinkles! Why,” you peer closer and raise your eyebrows, “bust my buttons. You are right. It is just covered in sprinkles.” You hold it up, about to take a bite. “What flavor is it?”

“Bacon.” They reply.

“Bacon? Ahhhh. A bacon-flavored cupcake! You don’t get those every day.” You take a ‘bite.’ “Hmmm… This is mighty tasty!”

They smile and take the ‘cupcake’ back, returning to the little kitchen. Moments later, they returned, this time a tower of wooden blocks balances on the plate, precariously tipping to the side.

You catch them just before the toys fall. “Oh, Ho!” You shake your head. “We can’t let bacon cupcakes fall on the ground! What a mess that would make.”

They look confused, frowning at you. “They are not cupcaketh!” They sound disappointed.

“OH! Well… Hmmm.” You reply. “If they aren’t cupcakes, what are they?”

“Cookiethhhh!” They shout, throwing their hands in the air, sending the plate flying.

“Bacon cookies?” you ask, smiling. They laugh. “No! That ith thilly! Juth cookies.”

You reach out, a ‘cookie’ in hand. “Will you share a cookie with me?” you ask.

They grin, reaching out for the Love Letter toy. And, a moment later, you are eating cookies together.

Happy Birthday BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Baby Love makes bright, happy, and elegant toys!

The Baby Love pattern is such a cute pattern! It is an excellent blend of the colorful and the elegant, as the letters and animal characters stay white. Because of this, you can use them to spell out phrases that can easily match seasonal or holiday décor while keeping the fun of the colored patterns and sides in the mix.

You can make bright, happy and elegant toys with the Baby Love Pattern. A rainbow of colors graces the sides and tops of the blocks, filling your playroom with color during play. But, when displayed on the shelf, the white letters face out, making the room feel calmer and ordered after playtime.

Because of this, it is a great pattern to give as a gift. It is one of the most versatile of all the BridgeWood designs!

It pairs beautifully with the Crayon Box pattern. Check out how they combine in the Happy Birthday picture above!

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