Two Red Haired Boys Smile While Playing with Black BridgeWood Classic Love Letter Wooden Alphabet Block Toys

Open-Ended Play

Table of Contents Make The Dream Come True It seems like a dream. The idea that you can buy fewer and more beautiful toys that will greatly enhance the quality of learning and playtime for your children seems like yet another empty ‘Instagram’ promise. The tantalizing thought that your home will be easier to organize […]

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Smiling Couple Learns How To Make Toys

Date Night Made Easy

Do you need a unique Date Night Idea?  Making toys is such a cute idea for a date night. You and your loved one will create something beautiful and long-lasting together while having deep conversations, fun ‘secrets’ for your partner to guess, and rewards when they ‘win.’ And the best part is that at the

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Blue Winter Snowflake BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Winter Wonderland Pattern

Pitter-Patter-Pitter-Patter-Pitter-Patter-Pitter-Patter-Pitter-Patter-Pitter You squint an eye open, peeking out from mounds of cozy blankets. The air is chilly, and you start shrinking back into the warm nest when two THUMPs shake your body. You feel little limbs scrambling as the children haul themselves over the mountain of covers and wiggle up to the pillows. Little fingers

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Harvest Thanksgiving BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Sweet Things Pattern

“AAAAAAAEEEEEE,” the child carefully draws out the sound. You can feel the vibrations of lilting voice through their warm cheek, which they have placed right next to yours. Your nose itches from the tickling of wispy hairs brushing against your nostrils. A light shake brings relief, and you can again concentrate on the homemade toy

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Make Friendly Ghosts Black White and Wood Homemade Alphabet Block Love Letter Toys

Sweet Dreams Pattern

“Here.” The child hands you the worn lovey. “I made them a bed.” They nodded. “So they can be nice and cozy, like me!” “Oh.” Your eyebrows raise as you smile. You tuck the toddler back into bed, snuggling the blankets to their neck. They wiggle, laughing as they playfully turn their face to avoid

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Make Halloween Friendly Ghosts BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Starry Night Pattern

        You pause by the door to the room, leaning against the cool door jamb. The room is almost dark, lit only by the firefly glow of the soft night light. Inside, there is whispering.            You lean closer, trying to catch the sounds of the sleepy child inside. Shifting positions, you can barely see

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Make Snowflakes White and Wood Homemade Classic ABC Block Love Letter Toys

Simplicity Pattern

        “Oh!” she gasped, pushing asides crinkling tissue paper. White and Wood Love Letters were nestled among the colorful wrapping, their simplicity piercing through the joyful rainbow. She picked one up, cradling it in her hand as she inspected it more closely.            The creamy wood would have appeared white if it had not been

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Easter BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Rainbows pattern

You step HARD onto a wooden toy hidden underneath a scrap of clothing. “What the…” you begin to mutter, jumping to relieve your bruised archway. You stop saying your intended phrase, seeing that a little head has popped around the edge of the couch. “You found it!” they cry out, running up to you and

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Farm Birds Pink, Blue, Yellow White, and Wood Homemade Classic Wooden ABC Block Love Letter Toys

Nursery Rhymes Pattern

             “Here, Grandpa,” I said. “I mixed up the paint for you. These are the colors you wanted for the girls, right?”            Filmy eyes squinted at the pink, blue and yellow toy-safe paints. “That’s going to be just fine.”, he rasped. “Now, show me how this works again.”                      I smiled and handed

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Dinosaur BridgeWood Classic Wooden ABC Block Love Letter Toy Gift

Ladybug Pattern

Clack – Clack – Clack! The baby grins, baring the two teeth that finished cutting through the week before. The smile causes their little nose to crunch up and their eyes to squint over chubby baby cheeks that are so delicious that you can’t help but reach over for a gentle pinch. They giggle at

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Dinosaur BridgeWood Classic Wooden ABC Block Love Letter Toy Gift

La-La-Land Pattern

“GAHHHHHH!!!!!” you shout, grabbing the tiny hand grasping for the open jars of toy-safe paint. Then, just in time, you gently pull back the inquisitive fingers from the wet paint gleaming on the toys. Your reward is a shriek that morphs into a trembling pout. “I’m sorry, sweetie.” You pick the toddler up and swing

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Happy Birthday BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Crayon Box Pattern

            You snuggle up in bed, sighing with the pleasure of feeling the close warmth of your loved one. It is tempting to fall straight asleep; it had been a long and trying day. But that cannot be done. First, there is a tradition that must be observed.             “What was your favorite part of

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Farm Vehicle Classic Wooden ABC Blocks Love Letter Toys - BridgeWood

Color Waltz Pattern

           Their lip quivered. Throwing their arms around you, they sobbed, “I can’t do it!”            “Oh, sweetie.” You wrap your arms around their shaking body, setting them on your knee to hold them close and tight. It takes a few minutes before they calm down, wetly sniffing back their sobs.            “Now,” you say,

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Halloween Friendly Ghosts BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Heather Pattern

Creeping up on the tiny lion, you watch as its yellow paw reaches up to the wooden toys. You leap out as they grasp the block and shout, “Gotcha!” In a moment, your arms are full of a squealing, giggling child.            After covering them in kisses and pretending to gobble them up, you are

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Happy Birthday BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Baby Love Pattern

‘It’th a cupcake.” The toddler looks solemn as they carefully balance the homemade toy on a tiny plate. “A cupcake!” You reach out to take the wooden block. They nod, pointing to the colorful pattern on the side. “Thee, it hath thprinkleth!” “Sprinkles! Why,” you peer closer and raise your eyebrows, “bust my buttons. You

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