Crayon Box Pattern

            You snuggle up in bed, sighing with the pleasure of feeling the close warmth of your loved one. It is tempting to fall straight asleep; it had been a long and trying day. But that cannot be done. First, there is a tradition that must be observed.

            “What was your favorite part of the day?”, you whisper.

            “Hmmmmmm…” The tired voice drifts from the other pillow. They shift and turn, wrapping their arms around you and pulling you in close. “It was a tough day. Give me a moment to think.”

            You lay there, listening to their heartbeat. It seemed only a moment when you awake with a start, hearing them laugh. ‘Didn’t you hear me?”

            “Ohhhhh…” You pass your hand over your face. “I’m sorry, honey. I must have drifted off. Could you say it again.”

            They chuckle. “My favorite part of the day was watching the kids play together. They were building a tower with those rainbow toys our friends made for us at the baby shower. They were taking turns, each carefully putting one block on at a time. You should have heard the baby giggling every time one was placed and the tower didn’t tip. They were sharing so nicely.”

            “It just melts me. I hope they stay friends like that forever.” They sigh, their voice lulling you deeper into sleep. “That was my favorite part of the day. Now,” their voice was barely more than a whisper. “I’m listening. Please tell me yours.”

Happy Birthday BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

The Crayon Box is a happy pattern that makes happy toys!

 When you make toys with the Crayon Box pattern the rainbow colors will merrily brighten up a room while the white pattern adds the perfect, subtle note among the joyful colors. It is an easy pattern to follow and produces a colorful and educational toy.

           Creating letters or animals in colors can be a great way to teach little ones some educational fundamentals. For example, you can start by sitting with them, building towers together as you show them the ‘red I.’ As they grow older and are ready for more challenging games, you can scatter the blocks on the floor or even hide them in simple hiding places, asking them to find a specific toy. For instance, you might have them hunt for the ‘green V.’

           Simple games can be very educational for young children, but there is something more important going on during these precious moments than mere learning. Your child is connecting with you. The way you speak, the way your face changes in response to a question, the brushing of your hand on their shoulder in approval… The moments spent with you add up, filling their minds and souls with something they desperately need.


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