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Date Night Made Easy

Do you need a unique Date Night Idea? 


Making toys is such a cute idea for a date night. You and your loved one will create something beautiful and long-lasting together while having deep conversations, fun ‘secrets’ for your partner to guess, and rewards when they ‘win.’ And the best part is that at the end of your date night, you will have created safe, educational, and playable toys that children will play with for many years after your special night, adding to the happy memories.

We’ve created a handy checklist to help you remember every important detail for a special night. Feel free to skip some steps or add your own to customize this date night just for you and your love.

  1. Need childcare? Make plans now before all the babysitters are taken!
  2. Go to BridgeWood Toys and buy a Date Night Bundle.
  3. Plan out FOUR ‘secret’ phrases to make your sweetheart smile.
    1. If you place four letters or numbers on each block (placing stars on the end grains), you will have 36 letters to work with to create your phrases.
    2. It is okay to use a letter more than once. When you’re planning your blocks (see #6 under “The Big Night”), make sure that the letters are scattered across every block (i.e., You don’t want to put two ‘G’s’ on the same block if you’re going to spell ‘Snuggles”.)
    3. What can you spell?
      • I Love You
      • Tickles
      • Snuggles
      • I’m Crazy 4 U
      • Valentine
      • U R A Cutie
      • I’m Yours
      • U R The One
      • Marry Me
      • Be Mine
      • U R MY World
      • Choose Your Own: Do you have any special nicknames? Activities? You choose!
  4. Plan a ‘surprise’ gift for every phrase they get right! Here are some ideas:
    • Chocolate (or real!) kisses
    • Chore Coupons
    • Jewelry
    • Their Favorite Candy
  1. Buy your loved one’s favorite drinks and snacks.
  2. Order flowers to be delivered during date time or right before.
  3. Want to order dinner? Plan and schedule it for delivery now!
  4. Buy a tablecloth to protect your toymaking surface and make date night fancy!
  1. Set out your favorite drinks and confirm dinner is on the way.
  2. Make sure the kiddos are safe and comfortable with your prearranged childcare.
  3. Pick up the flowers.
  4. Pick out some romantic music.
  5. Cut out the stencils for your secret phrases.
  6. Place the letters in nine piles of four letters each. Use the heart stencil to fill the space if the phrase is shorter than nine letters. 
    • For instance, if you are spelling out the phrase ‘I Love You, Snuggles, Marry Me, Tickles, your piles could look like this:
      • I, S, M, T
      • <3, N, A, I
      • L, U, R, C
      • O, G, R, K
      • V, G, Y, L
      • E, L, <3, E
      • Y, E, M, S
      • O, S, E, <3
      • U, <3, <3, <3
  7. Set Everything Out
    • Toymaker Kit
    • Scissors
    • Water bowls
    • Baby Wipes
    • Plastic Freezer Bags
    1. Watch the short tutorial videos together to learn how to make your toys
    2. Laugh and talk while making toys together.
    3. Don’t tell them what the secret phrases are! Make them guess and wait until the big reveal!
    4. It will take two people anywhere from two to four hours to make nine Love Letter toys.
    5. When the toys are finished, have your loved one arrange the toys to guess what your secret phrases.
    6. Give them their ‘surprise’ for each one that they get right!
      • If they missed some phrases, arrange the letters to show them what you wanted them to know.
    7. When you are finished with your date night, seal your toys. Now, not only can little children play with them, but they will also last a long time, reminding you of the special night you spent creating them with your loved one.
Ready to start your special, romantic night? Buy Your Date Night ToyMaker Bundle today!

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