Step Two: Identifying The End Grain

Before you begin making your toys, it is helpful to identify the end grain of your blocks. The two dark, ‘arched’ sides on your blocks have a unique beauty. If you love their natural look, then leave them be! But if you want a consistent look for your Love Letters, we recommend color-blocking all of the end grain sides and applying stars to them.

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Side By Side

Set two blocks side by side. 

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Look For The Arch

To identify your block’s two end grain sides, look for the curved, almost purple grain in the wood. Here you can see the arch of the end grain.

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Straight, Long Grain

Your block will have four sides with creamy ‘long’ grain. Here is an example of what the long grain looks like. 

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Compare: End vs Long Grain

Here you can see the blocks side by side. Can you tell which one is the darker, archer ‘end’ grain? Which one is the long grain?

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Set Your End Grain Side 'Up'

Start setting your blocks end grain side ‘up’. In the next step, you will be painting the end grain with your favorite colors and applying the ‘star’ on the end grain sides.

In the photo above, we are about halfway through setting the blocks end grain ‘up. A few more blocks turned around and they will be ready to go.

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Simple Beauty


Now that you have identified the end grain, you get to decide! Do you want to keep the end grain exposed, with its quirky, unique character? Or do you want to cover it with paint to highlight the consistency of the creamy long grain?

There is no wrong answer. Either way, you will be able to make beautiful toys. Do what you think would be the most beautiful!

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