Ladybug Pattern

Clack – Clack – Clack!

The baby grins, baring the two teeth that finished cutting through the week before. The smile causes their little nose to crunch up and their eyes to squint over chubby baby cheeks that are so delicious that you can’t help but reach over for a gentle pinch.

They giggle at your tender touch and then turn their attention to the two homemade block toys in each chunky fist. Caterpillar fingers are stretched to their max, curling around the edges to hold the toys still. It has taken months of practice, but they can finally pick them up.

After growing, struggling, and working on picking the toys up, they reveled in their victory. Clack – Clack – CLACK! The celebratory sounds revert sharply around the room, broken only by the chuckling of their creator. Their head bobs up and down as their little body rocks to the joyful rhythm.

You tickle under their chin. “Are you dancing?” you ask, feeling your toes start to tap. Your response is a giggle, wiggle, and more clacking.

Laughing, you scoop the child up. They are getting heavier; it is starting to take much more effort to swing them into your arms than a mere month ago. But they are still just the right size for cuddles!

Touching your noses to theirs, you rub noses and laugh, then ask, “Shall we dance together?”

In reply, the baby brings your Made-With-Love toys together for a great CLACK! And, to the clacking, swinging, and dancing, you laugh and play together, filling the room with the sounds of happy memory-making.

Colorful BridgeWood Classic Wooden ABC Block Love Letter Toy Gift

Red, Pink, White and Black! The Ladybug pattern makes sweet and spicy toys.

Pink and black are such a fun contrast. The soft pink next to the stark black is unexpected and hints at ‘rock and roll.’ Tender but tough, just like the warrior ladybugs that protect our gardens. It is a beautiful pattern!

But don’t let us stop you at those colors! This pattern would also work well if you substituted the reds for blues or yellows. Some toymakers have used yellow and black to create fun designs that remind us of busy buzzing bees. And the blue, black, and white can make a cool icy pattern that is great for winter or ocean themes.

It’s all part of the fun when you get to make the toys. What color combo will you choose? 

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