Step Nine: Painting the Letters

Applying the letters to your homemade toys uses the same technique as the stars. But we have one or two additional useful tricks to help you make sure everything is aligned.

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Cut Out The Letters

Cut out the stencil and refrain from cutting directly on the lines. Leaving a little edge makes removing the stencil easier and preserves the grid lines, making it easier to center and square the image on the block.

Some letters may not have four gridlines. This is ok. You will use the remaining two gridlines to center and square the stencil. 

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Place The Letters Right Side 'Up'

Place the letters so that the colorful star sides are on the top and the bottom of the letters.

Twist and flip the wooden block to ensure everything is right side up.

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Lightly dip your squeegee in the paint color of your choice and gently scrape until the toy-safe paint is smooth and even.

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Immediately remove the sticker, and VOILA!

A perfect image!

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Clean the Stencil

Clean the stencil immediately.

If you want, you can submerge the sticker into a pot of water while applying the paint over the other stencils. This will prevent the paint from drying out.

Do not leave the stencil in the water for more than ten minutes before gently cleaning the paint completely off the stencil. If the stencil is left too long in the water, it will soften and dissolve. But a few minutes is ok!

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Let Dry

Your letters will dry quickly.

Be sure to place the blocks on their star side and a finger width apart to dry to reduce the chance of smearing the images.

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You are getting closer and closer! Your Made-With-Love toys are starting to look amazing!

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