Step Eleven: Painting the Patterns

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Applying The Pattern

When you are ready to apply the pattern, carefully square the pattern over one of the last unpainted sides of the block. Some BridgeWood stencils do not have a side ‘up’ or ‘down,’ such as the wheat pattern on the farm birds example in this video. But some patterns, such as the anchors on the ocean pattern, need to be oriented up.

After applying your pattern stencil, twist the block to ensure everything is right side up before applying the paint.

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Scrape. Peel To Reveal!

Lightly dip the squeegee into the paint color of your choice and gently scrape over the stencil until the paint is smooth and even.

Remove and VOILA!

A perfect image!

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Apply The Pattern To The Opposite Side

After applying the pattern to both sides, set the block on the star side to dry.

This can be a little tricky. It would help if you held the wooden block by the dry, star sides without touching the wet sides. Then apply the stencil and paint the pattern without resting the block on the table surface, where the wet images could smear.

Avoid getting paint on your fingers, which could smear on the sides of the block.
If holding the block in your hand is too tricky, then do it the easy way! Move on to another block with two unpainted sides and apply it to one side while it rests on the table. Do just one side of the block and wash out your stencil while you wait for them to dry.

Once the patterned sides are dry, flip them over and finish the pattern on the other sides.

You can reuse the same stencil or cut out a fresh one if you use this technique.

Set the blocks on the dry, star side to dry at least one finger-width apart.

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You are only two steps away from having playable toys! You have been doing an excellent job making Love Letter toys!

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