Step Seven: Painting the Star

Here it is! The simple, easy technique to makingyour homemade toys! All you need to do is:

Stick. Scrape. Reveal. And Seal.


It only takes moments to get a professional result. But we have even more pointers to make the process easier for you.

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A Little Bit of Paint

After the stencil is centered, take your white squeegee and the paint color of your choice. Lightly dip the squeegee into the paint. You only need a little bit!

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Then, gently scrape the toy-safe paint over the star until it is even and smooth. Make sure all of the gaps are filled completely.

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Immediately remove the sticker and there you go!

You have a perfect stencil!

Did we say immediately? Yes! IMMEDIATELY!

We don’t mean to be rude but you must IMMEDIATELY remove the stencil.


The paint dries very quickly and, if the stencil is not immediately removed, the paint will dry in the mesh of the stencil, clogging and ruining it.

Remove immediately and either continue with the next step or quickly wash your stencil.

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Do The Other Side

If you are using the same color, go ahead and keep using the stencil. For instance, you could flip over the same block and applying it to the other side right away.

If you do this, do not rest the block on the table but continue holding it the entire time. This is because, if you rest the block on the table, it will smear the wet star on the other side.

Once you pull off the other stencil, set the block on an unpainted side to dry.

Holding the block while applying the stencil and painting it can be tricky. 

You can also continue to apply the star to the other, dry blocks one side at a time. Wash the stencil and wait until the stars and the stencil are completely dry before flipping them over to apply the star on the other side.  

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How To Wash Your Stencil

It is very important to wash your stencil right away! The paint dries very quickly and it will dry in the mesh of the stencil, ruining it.

Simply dip it into water and gently rub the paint off. Do not scrub, as that can tear your stencil. 


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Drying and Storing Your Stencil

After the stencil is clean, let the stencil dry sticky side UP. 

You can also gently pat the stencil dry with a lint-free cloth. Let it continue to dry sticky side up until completely dry.

Avoid using a paper towel to pat the stencil dry, as it will get stuck to your stencil.

Apply the backing paper once it is dry. Store flat to reuse again in the future. 

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Reusing Your Stencil

With proper care, you can reuse your stencil at least ten times.

When reusing your stencil, always make sure that it is completely dry.

If there is any dampness on the stencil, the moisture will pull paint under the stencil, causing a ‘halo’ effect to appear around your image.

Wait until dry, and you will be good to go!

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Now is also a great time to stencil ‘Made-With-Love’ on one of your blocks. Instead of the star stencil, cut and apply the ‘Made-With-Love’ stencil. Use the same techniques to paint the star.

After this stencil is dry, you can use your detail brush to sign your name, date, or a sweet message for your loved ones under this stencil.

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