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Rainbows pattern

You step HARD onto a wooden toy hidden underneath a scrap of clothing. “What the…” you begin to mutter, jumping to relieve your bruised archway. You stop saying your intended phrase, seeing that a little head has popped around the edge of the couch.

“You found it!” they cry out, running up to you and laughing. They hold out a little basket and tug your hand. “I hid it just for you!”

“Ohhh, you did,” you say wryly, still rubbing your sore foot while holding the homemade rainbow toy in the other.

They nod, very proud. “I did! And I hid lots more!” They lean over to whisper conspiratorially. “I’m the Easter Bunny.”

‘The Easter Bunny! Oh, really.” Now, you are also smiling. You look around the room and see that there are, indeed, colorful wooden toy ‘eggs’ hiding all around the room. Some are tucked around the legs of the couch. One is peeping out of the tin pan sitting in the play kitchen. The bedsheets had grown a couple of suspicious-looking lumps. A matching but much larger lump is under the dollhouse bedsheet.

You lean over and whisper back, “I thought the Easter Bunny came last week. I wasn’t expecting another Easter Egg hunt for at least another year” The little one shakes their head, “Yes! But I came back!” Their chubby hands hand you the woven basket. “It’s time to look for your egggggsssss!” Their singsong voice trills with excitement.

“Ok! Ok” You laugh, sore foot forgotten. “I love Easter Egg hunts!” Then, stopping, you turn your lips down into a pout. “But I don’t want to do an Easter Egg hunt alone.”

“Oh.” The child looks down, sad for you. But, a moment later, they look up and throw their arms out wide, shouting. “I’ll look with you!”

“Hahah!” You give them back the little basket. “On your mark! Get set! Go!” And the two of you scamper about, looking for Easter Egg toy

Happy Easter Rainbow Homemade Classic Wooden ABC Block Love Letter Toys

The Rainbow pattern is a delicate, lovely pattern that brings a lot of subtle color mixes onto your Made-With-Love toys.

Choosing to mix pastels with your BridgeWood colors can bring a lot more diversity to your DIY toys. For example, you can create a broad mix of pastels, from ‘barely there’ blushes to tints, just a hint lighter than the originals. All will look beautiful!

Creating pastels, especially very light ones, requires a lot of white paint. It would help if you bought more BridgeWood Snowy White paint to mix up your perfect shade. It is better to have it on hand at the beginning of the project and mix enough for everything you need rather than to run out halfway through the project and attempt to color match the original colors.

The Rainbow pattern is a delicate, lovely pattern that brings a lot of subtle color mixes onto your toys. The white letters also make them versatile for spelling phrases matching many different holidays or special events.

The Rainbow Pattern pairs very well with the Flower Field pattern. Check out the ‘Happy Easter’ picture above to see how the two patterns combine!

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