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Venetian Buzzle


Paint-By-Number this classy Venetian Buzzle!

William Morris, the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, designed this intricate and elegant flower pattern. This gorgeous pattern looks stunning when scattered on the floor during children’s play and also makes a challenging puzzle for adults!

The best part? Choose your favorite colors! Here we chose pink and white. What color combo will YOU choose?

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Make your design POP by outlining with this toy-safe black detail pen! This pen is currently on backorder and will be mailed separately.

Children LOVE to watch you make toys. In this day and age, when our lives are saturated with screens, it is deeply rewarding and fascinating to watch someone create something. Children are naturally curious. They love beauty, and toys are very important to them. So when they see a beloved adult making toys JUST FOR THEM, they are thrilled! They will want to participate, helping to choose colors or designs. They will ask questions. And, best of all, they will want to PLAY with you after your finish creating the toys. Studies, such as those that identified the ‘Ikea Effect,’ have shown that when someone creates something on their own, they become deeply attached to it. They assign a greater sense of value to the item than if they had grabbed it off a shelf. This psychological effect works for children too! When you let your children participate or watch you make an educational toy, they will be EXCITED to use it! They will remember that you made it, that they helped to pick out the colors, and they will want to spend playtime with you afterward. There are many wonderful ways to invest in your children. Making beautiful toys for and with them is one of them. Buy your Starter Toymaker today to make high-quality, educational toys to delight your little ones.


“Purple!” Your little one’s face lights up, and a grin spreads across their chubby cheeks. Nodding, they continue, “And pink. Those are my favorite colors.” “Oh. Are they now?” you smile. This is not a surprise. Every day, you are reminded by a tiny voice spouting the virtues of purple and pink. “Well, come sit with me.” Limbs scramble, and you grunt as a small, squirming,  heavy body plants itself firmly on your lap. You point to the toy-safe paints scattered on the table before you. “What colors do you see?” Brow furrowed, they point at each one, saying, “Red. Yellow. Blue… White and…. Black!” “That’s right!” you say, giving them a little squeeze as a reward. “But, oh no! Something is missing!” You look at them in pretend shock. “I don’t see any pink or purple!” Their mouth drops open, and their little hands spread out wide. “Oh NO!” they say, lips trembling, “Then how are we going to make pink and purple toys?” You give them a heartening squeeze again. “Hmmm… Well, I have an idea. Do you know how to mix colors to make pink and purple?” They shake their head, and you smile. ‘Well, then! You are in luck! Let me show you how it is done!” You tweak their nose and then reach over for the toy-safe paints. “This is going to seem magical, but it’s not. It’s science!” And the moments fly by as you teach the little one how to mix colors to make their favorite pink and purple color that you will use to paint their special Love Letter toys.
What's Included

o Thirty-Six HardWood Block 'Buzzle' with Two Designs
• Tree Of Life Design
• Thousand Flowers Design
o Rosie Red, Mary Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Cozy Black & Snowy White Toy-Safe Paint – 10 ml
o Toy Safe Sealer – 30 ml
o Detail Brush
o Toy-Safe Detail Pen
o Sandpaper
o Dabber
o Paint-By-Number Instructions

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