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Give the sweet newborn in your life the gift of educational ‘Love Letter’ toys! Use the lovely, toy-safe paint to create  black-and-white contrast toys that help your little one to develop their eyesight.

When it’s tummy time, place the Love Letters a foot or so in front of your little one. Whether stacked 2×2, in a tower, four blocks tall, or scattered on the floor in front of them, you can change the configuration of the blocks each time to provide different contrasts and patterns. Watch your darling study the shapes you created, cooing as their little neural networks grow!

We have created patterns and game examples that you can use to create your toys. Check them out and download the patterns for free here!

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Tiny babies need black-and-white contrast to develop their eyesight. By painting the six sides of each BridgeWood block in your baby Toymaker, you can stack and mix the blocks to create over 31,104 different combinations to help their neural networks grow. WOW!

The Baby Toymaker tools help you create simple and beautiful toys. 

Help engage your little one during tummy time by stacking or lining up the toys in front of them. They will practice reaching for the pretty toys and enjoy looking at the designs you created just for them. Flip and turn the blocks to change the patterns and create even more stimulation to help their tiny brain to grow.

Best yet, your homemade toys will grow with your tiny one. As they get older, they will practice stacking the toys to develop their fine motor skills. Practice learning their colors as they begin to learn to talk. Even as toddlers and young children, they will continue to incorporate these open-ended toys in their imaginative play!

Your toys will continue to educate and grow with your child. And, with normal use, your sweet baby may someday use your Love Letter Baby toys to entertain their tiny baby!

Your detail brush will add even more flexibility in creating toys. Add dots, swirls, and write your name to memorialize the loving moments you spent creating toys for your little one.


It had been a long time since you had studied the carpet this closely. You shift, feeling the hard floor underneath as you try to find a more comfortable position. Chuckling, you reach out to touch a tiny fist. “No wonder you howl when we start tummy time,” you smile. “This floor isn’t very comfortable.”

You tug the comfy blankets cushioning the infant, smoothing out the wrinkles the little one had rippled up in their flailing movements. The baby coos, their adorable toes curling and pushing against the blanket. Amazingly, they scoot forward. “Whoa,” you exclaim. “Look at you go!”

The baby chortles and pushes with their little toes again. They propel forward, ten millimeters closer to the black and white Love Letter toys placed just out of their reach. Dimpled fingers graze the surface of the toys, making the wooden toy on top teeter precariously. You can see the determination furrowing the little one’s brow as they bunch up their little body. “Go, buddy, go!” You whisper, encouraging them.

One more push, and those sweet fingers graze the wooden toys. Both of you watch as the top Love Letter wobbles… wobbles… and those little fingers give one more small push. And the wooden block tips over the side and tumbles with a soft ‘THUMP’ onto the soft baby blanket.

The baby’s mouth forms a soft ‘O’, amazed at the wonderful accomplishment. You start laughing, seeing their expression. You can’t help but reach up to swoop them into your arms, laughing as you say, “What a big baby! You made that pretty toy fall down!”

You stop your tickles and lean over to smell their sweet-smelling hair, feeling their little wiggles. Your heart swells, and you murmur for the thousandth time, “Oh, how I LOVE you!”

Baby ToyMaker Kit Components
  • Four 1.5-inch hardwood blocks
  • 5 ml Toy-safe Paint
    • Snowy White
    • Cozy Black
  • 5 ml Toy-Safe Sealer
  • 2 Foam Applicators
  • 3 BridgeWood Star Silk Screen Stencils
  • Sandpaper
  • Instructions
  • Detail Brush
What's Included

• Four 1.5-inch hardwood blocks
• 5 ml Toy-safe Paint – Snowy White, Cozy Black
• 5 ml Toy-Safe Sealer
• 2 Foam Applicators
• Three silk screen BridgeWood Star Stencils
• Sandpaper
• Instructions
• Detail Brush

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