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Simple letters and numbers transform humble blocks into Love Letters that will send sweet messages of love and joy for learning through generations of your family’s playtime.

These easy-to-use stencils are perfect for ‘block parties’, helping you to host memorable baby showers or family gatherings where loved ones gather to make beautiful toys and even more beautiful memories.

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What phrases will you use to show you care?

Welcome, dear friends!

‘Baby, How Deeply You Are Loved!’

‘I’ll Love You Forever’

Imagine the many ways that you can use your Love Letters to let your dear ones know how much you care. From sweet phrases left on kitchen counters, from teaching wee ones how to recognize their letters or to read, to setting up custom holiday décor, there are many ways to use these classic, educational toys!

Blocks are excellent for children’s motor development, letter and number recognition, and learning to read, spell and do basic math. Doing activities together, such as when playing with these simple but versatile toys, is educational while also creating intimate moments that enrich relationships and give children a deep sense of security.

Try sitting with a beloved child and learning how to spell a difficult word together. Show toddlers how to recognize simple words such as ‘Mom’, Dad’, or even ‘Grandma’!

With babies, watch as they learn to grasp the blocks, banging them together as their brains process their weight, volume, and sound. Then, a few weeks later, they are knocking block buildings down. And soon, they are learning how to stack blocks: first into towers and then into castles!

BridgeWood Love Letters are not ‘just’ blocks. They are tools that you can use to introduce children to some of the most beautiful things in this world: love and learning. And, when they are Made-With-Love by YOU, these simple toys become imbued with meaning.

Making beautiful and educational toys is easy with BridgeWood’s simple process. ‘Stick, Scrape and Peel to Reveal’ a crisp, clear letter. Get excited! You can choose your color combinations to create customized toys, giving your loved ones a truly one-of-a-kind gift.


Why You Will Love Your Alphabet and Numbers Silk Screen Stencil:

-Easy to Use, Even for beginners
-Reusable – With Proper Care, they can be reused up to 10 times! Buy one and use it to make multiple Love Letters sets.
-Elegant, Classy, and Timeless Font
-Educational: Teach letters and number recognition, spelling, and basic math
-Home Décor: Use the toys to spell out special phrases around your household for every holiday, season, or everyday occasion.
-Snowflake Images: Like real snowflakes, every snowflake in the set is different!
-5×7, Four Adhesive Silk Screen Stencil Sheets
-‘Positive’ Alphabet Stencils – Reverse Negative Not Included
-Only available here at BridgeWood!

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