Dinosaur Stencils


Is your little one a dinosaur lover? You will have so much fun making these sweet, playful dinos with these dinosaur stencils! Choose your favorite colors to bring these images of hatching babies, cuddling, and playing dinosaurs to life.

You will have a great time making beautiful toys. And, even more so, think of the big smiles and years of playtime your Made-With-Love and educational dinosaur toys will bring to your loved ones.

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You jump as you feel a tiny Tyrannosaurus grab your legs, tickling you as they bury their face into your knees. Laughing, you drop the dirty dish back into the sink and shake soapy bubbles off your hands. “Oh no! A dinosaur!” you say, bending over to sweep the little one into your arms. “I’m so worried! Are you a nice dinosaur or a mean dinosaur?” The little one cocks their head, thinking. “Nithe dinothaur!” they lisp. Holding up your homemade toy, they point at the two colorful Tyrannosaurus roaring together. “Ahhh.” You nod. “You want to roar together too?” A big grin is your reply, and a moment later, the kitchen is full of terrible ‘RAWRs’ and sweet, sweet giggles.


Why You Will Love Your Silk Screens:

-Easy to Use, Even for beginners
-Reusable – With Proper Care, you can reuse them up to 10 times!
-Each parent/child image pair snuggles and plays together, symbolizing your love for your little ones. These ‘icons of love’, Made-With-Love by YOU, don’t just ‘tell’ your wee one that you love them. They show them!
-Dinosaur Images: Brachiosaurus, Pterodactyl Sternberg, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Ankylosaurus, Iguanodon, Raptors, Asteroid Pattern,
-5×7, Adhesive Silk Screen Stencil
-Only available here at BridgeWood!

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