Farm Bird Stencils


Create sweet metaphors of your love with lovely stencils of farm birds that snuggle, play, and care for their baby chicks. Every time your sweet babies play with your Made-With-Love toys, their feathered friends will remind them how much you care.

Combine with the ‘Forest Birds’ stencil for more winged images!

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“Look! The mommy bird is feeding its baby!” you point as you snuggle your little one closer, feeling their hair tickling your chin. They study the homemade toy, examining it in a dimpled hand. “Oh!” they say, glancing at you with a grin, “Just like you feed me!”. “That’s right!” you say, giving them a big squeeze. “Now, how about I feed you some cookies?” Joy fills their eyes and they reach up, placing a sweet, feathery kiss on the tip of your nose.


Why You Will Love Your Silk Screens:
-Easy to Use, Even for beginners
-Reusable – With Proper Care, they can be reused up to 10 times!
-Each parent/child image pair snuggles and plays together, symbolizing your love for your little ones. These ‘icons of love’, Made-With-Love by YOU, don’t just ‘tell’ your wee one that you love them. They show them! Farm Bird Images: Robins, White Chinese Geese, Peacocks, Rouen Ducks, Pigeons, Roosters, Turkeys, Chickens, and Hawks
-5×7, Adhesive Silk Screen Stencil
-Only available here at BridgeWood Toys.

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