Forest Bird Stencils


Create toys that celebrate the soaring creatures that touch the heavens! Filled with images of Pacific Northwest forest birds, these stencils show tender, playful interactions between feathered families. From cuddling owls to acrobatic swallows, these sweet birds will bring a smile to your little bird lover’s face.

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“BUUUUURRRDThpphhppphhh!” The last bit of the word dissolves into blowing bubbles. Constants are hard! But that single, missed plosive doesn’t stop the little one from waving their arms in delight. It is one of their first words and they feel very proud. “Bird! That’s right! You got it!” you chuckle, pointing at the flying barn swallows on the homemade toy. The baby might be feeling proud, but you? You are even more so.


These easy-to-use bird stencils make creating beautiful toys simple and fun. The ‘Stick, Scrape, Reveal and Seal’ technique makes it possible for everyone, even folks who have never picked up a brush before, to make lovely toys.

Does your little one love birds? Combine this set with the ‘Farm Birds’ stencil for even more feather-filled images!


Why You Will Love Your Forest Bird Silk Screens:
-Easy to Use, Even for beginners
-Reusable – With Proper Care, they can be reused up to 10 times!
-Each parent/child image pair snuggles and plays together, symbolizing your love for your little ones. These ‘icons of love’, Made-With-Love by YOU, don’t just ‘tell’ your wee one that you love them. They show them!
-Pacific Northwest Forest Bird Images: Spotted Owls, Bald Eagles, Pileated Woodpeckers, Swans, Mountain Bluebirds, Canadian Geese, Magpies, Cliff Swallows, Quail
-5×7, Adhesive Silk Screen Stencil
-Only available here at BridgeWood!

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