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‘I Love You’ Stencils


When you create Love Letter Toys, you make eco-friendly and educational toys that develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and letter and color recognition. You are giving the gift of open-ended play with colorful toys that become the props for endless landscapes, buildings, and storytelling. And, when displayed, your Love Letters say a phrase that only begins to hint at the powerful feelings you have for your little ones.

“I Love You!”

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‘I Love You’

The homemade toys were worn on the corners, badges of honor from long hours of being built into castles, bridges, and teetering towers even taller than the two-year-olds who created them. Oils from tiny hands had deepened the color of the wood and the colors, though still beautiful, had softened over the long years. Her finger lightly touches the faded ‘Made With Love’ mark, remembering that faraway day when she had torn open her present, lifting the lid of the box to reveal the colorful phrase that she had not yet learned to read. Memories bring tears that drift down her soft, wrinkled cheeks as she whispers, “I love you too.”


Easy to make and fun to give, these simple but classic toys are more than just a toy. Your ‘Made-With-Love-by-YOU’ BridgeWood toys are designed to last for years of hard play. Every scratch, ding, and dent that will naturally come from long hours of playtime capture the memories of a lifetime of laughter, family time, and joy. Little time capsules of memories, they capture a tiny, tiny glimpse of the love you have for your little ones.


Why You Will Love You ‘I Love You’ Stencils:
-Easy to Use, Even for beginners
-Reusable – With Proper Care, you can reuse them up to 10 times!
-Choose your colors for customized toys
-Standard with every Love Letters 9-block kit (Buy the kit here.)
-Visually Elegant.

‘I Love You’ Stencil Sheet
-5×7, Adhesive Silk Screen Stencil
-Only available here at BridgeWood!

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