Ocean Stencils


Ocean lovers! Share your love of sea salt air, crashing waves, and the hidden beauty of the deep by making your loved ones these darling ocean Love Letters. Sweet ocean animals play, snuggle and leap with joy together, symbolizing your love for the little ones who will play with your Made-With-Love toys.

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“There.”, you murmur, placing the last homemade toy, with its knobby seahorse and baby, on the shelf. You take a step back to admire the finished nursery. Everything is soft blue, green, and white, with little ocean stuffed animals and a wavy blanket crocheted by Grandma. You glance up at the shelf, reading the ocean Love Letter Toys that say ‘Waiting for Snuggles’ and nod. “Now,” you say, stepping out of the room and turning off the light. “Now, we’re ready.”


Using silkscreen stencils couldn’t be easier, using BridgeWood’s ‘Stick, Scrape and Peel to Reveal’ technique. Even beginners who have never used a silk screen before will be amazed at how simple it is to create the smallest details on a baby otter or a tangly octopus. These educational ocean toys are the perfect addition to ocean-themed nurseries or playrooms or given as a gift for an ocean lover.

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