Prism Stencils for Starter Kit


Combine beauty and learning with one elegant toy! Prism stencils transform simple blocks into complex puzzles, creating mosaics of color and geometric patterns that look stunning in the playroom while teaching little ones foundational mathematical concepts.

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“I made a fish! I made a fish!” The little one’s triumphant voice rang through the room. “Come! Come look at it!”, they said, tugging at your arm. Together, you run into the playroom where an intricate fish, made entirely from Prism blocks, is laid out. “You figured this out on your own?”, you ask, looking at the colorful animals’ fins and scales. “Yes! Now, will you please help me make a rainbow doggy?”


Simple. Elegant.

Don’t let the simplicity of BridgeWood Prism blocks fool you. These classy toys are a  kaleidoscope of colors and shapes! Inspired by IQ tests developed by psychologists, you can use these Prisms to create complex 3d puzzles and mosaics that encourage problem-solving, visual dexterity, and spatial pattern creation to challenge and grow your little one’s brain cells. Simple enough for babies and toddlers open-ended play; difficult enough for challenging adult games. These gorgeous Prism blocks are the perfect addition to your loved one’s playroom.

Best of all? They are Made-With-Love by YOU and designed to last for generations of playtime. Relaxing and fun to create, BridgeWood’s 3D template and How-To videos make it easy to create unique toys.

Download BridgeWood’s free Prism ‘puzzle’ game to get the entire family involved in the fun and learning.

Share the patterns and puzzles you and your little ones create with the BridgeWood toymaker community here. We love to see what you are making!

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