Toy-Safe Paint


Creamy and toy-safe, these luscious paints are hand-mixed using top-secret recipes. Use them to mix up custom color palettes to match a child’s favorite colors or your home décor. You can only get these warm and bright paint colors here at BridgeWood!

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Curled bows and shredded wrapping paper fluttered and drifted to the ground, the cheerful rain unveiling vibrant toys. “Oh!” the mama-to-be’s eyes shone, looking up with joy. “You made them match the colors for the nursery!


Want to see how versatile these creamy paints can be? Check out the dozens of beautiful color and pattern combinations you can create with these custardy paints BridgeWood’s free downloadable Pattern Guides. These patterns only scratch the surface of the pattern combinations that are possible. So start mixing, and share your beautiful creations with us!

And don’t forget the key to the longevity of your toy; BridgeWood Sealer. This humble, hazy liquid dries to a matte finish, protecting your artwork under its transparent layers. Your toys will last for many years of hard play when appropriately sealed.

Rosy Red
Mary Blue
Butter Yellow
Cozy Black
Snowy White


Why You Will Love Your BridgeWood Paints:
-Toy-Safe Paint & Sealer
-Beautiful Color Palette
-Creamy, Custardy Texture
-Easy to Mix and Match
-Secret Formula for Paint Colors; 100% Unique to BridgeWood Toys

Easily Match Nursery or Home Décor
-Opaque & Covers Well
-Easy to Apply Sealer
-Sealer lasts for years of hard play
-Easy to ‘squeeze and pop’ open
-Recyclable Plastic
-Steady during painting
-6-month Shelf-Life With Properly Closed Lid
-10 ml per pot, Five Colors of Paint, One Sealer





Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 2 × 1.5 in
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