Date Night Brush Set


Create beautiful things that will last for generations with someone you love. Our date night pack adds an extra set of BridgeWood brushes so that you and your sweetheart can create together.

So think of the phrases you can create to make your loved one smile, pour your favorite drinks and enjoy some well-deserved time for just the two of you.

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His heart started beating faster, watching her lovely hands as they added the final detail to a crisp ‘M’. Before their date night had started, he had secretly divided up the stencils. Since then, he had been a nervous wreck, wondering if she’d figure out what they were spelling before the big moment. But she had been distracted, chatting and dreaming with him about future homes, work opportunities, and, with a wink, deliciously snuggly babies. He reached out and gently took the homemade toy from her hand. “Let’s see what we can spell.”, he said, struggling to sound casual.

Combining the Love Letter Toys they had made together, he studied the phrase before turning it around. She gasped, those lovely hands lifting to cover her mouth, as she read his Love Letter.

“Marry Me!”


Why You Will Love Your ‘Date Night Pack’ Brushes:
-One Detail Brush
-1 Squeegee
-3 Sponge Applicators

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