Family Night Brush Pack


Your whole family can join in the fun of creating beautiful toys together. The Family Night brush pack makes it possible for everyone to have the tools to create special memories together.

With adult supervision and help, children can make toys for themselves or sweet, new arrivals. Children love to play with the toys they helped to create!

            Put on some favorite music, turn off the screens and spend precious moments with the ones you love the most. Best of all? The toys you make are designed to last, capturing the memories of this time together. Imagine! Every time you play with those toys as a family, you will remember how you made… and continue to make… something beautiful together.

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“Doggy! Doggy!” The toddler’s voice pipes up as a chubby hand grasps the dog stencil. “Hold on, buddy!” you laugh. “Here, let’s make the doggy together. What color do you want to choose?” You are interrupted by a shout at the end of the table, “Look! I made a red cat! The new baby is going to love this one!” The five-year-old holds out their new toy to Mommy’s growing belly. “Do you like it? Do you like it?” A pause before a delighted cry. “Mommy! Mommy! The baby said they like it!”   Why You Will Love Your ‘Family Night’ Brushes:
  • Three Detail Brushes
  • Three Squeegee
  • Six Sponge Applicators
What's Included

– Three Detail Brushes
– Three Squeegees
– Six Sponge Applicators

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