10 ml Paint Pots- Empty


Use these translucent paint pots for mixing up custom color palettes for your unique toys!  Injection molded and made with recyclable plastic, these paint pots are easy to ‘pinch and pop’ open. The airtight lid snaps snugly shut, keeping your paint fresh and ready for use.

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“Ombre?” Your friend leans over to check out the color palette you just mixed. “Wow. That already looks beautiful!”


With airtight paint pots, you can mix and paint with your favorite colors to make custom toys!. Easy to pass and share, these paint pots make it easy to host a ‘Block Party’ with friends. The paint pots are stable and won’t fall over easily, making it easy to keep your painting surface clean.

Remember! Your Love Letters kits already come with empty paint pots. But if you plan to make a pastel or ombre rainbow, we recommend extra paint pots and extra paint to help keep your custom colors separate and fresh.


Why you love your empty paint pots:

-“Pinch and Pop” Openers
-Made from Food Grade, High-Density Polyethylene – They are made from the same
material as milk jugs!
-Six 10ml Storage Pots
-Easy Open ‘Pinch and Pop’ Lids
-Airtight Seal that keeps paint fresh

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 2 × 1.5 in
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