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Whether it’s a baby shower, holiday gathering, or a ‘Girls’ Night In’, a ‘Block Party’ is a fun way to get everyone together to create Love Letters! Make sure you have enough brushes for everyone by purchasing the ‘Party Pack’ Brush Set.

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The mama-to-be glances around the table, taking in the chatting and laughter as friends and family make Love Letters Toys for her little one. Colorful, homemade toys are beginning to pile up in the center of the table, matching the nursery room décor she had planned so carefully. She picks one up and turns it over, smiling as she sees the ‘Made With Love’ mark her dear friend placed there. Her hand drifts to her belly, calming a swift kick. “Look,” she whispers, “You are already so loved!”


When people come together to create, the process opens hearts and creates lasting bonds. Beauty and art open hearts up as people start talking about life and connect on a deep level. It’s a wonderful thing to see and experience. So, Go! Build and strengthen your friendship and love as you work together to bring something beautiful, joyful, and lasting into the world.

Why You Will Love Your ‘Party Pack’ Brush Set:
-Eight Detail Brushes
-Eight Squeegees
-Sixteen Sponge Applicators







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