The Perfect Large Brush


With lacquered wood and a gold ferrule, you will make toys in luxurious style with this comfortable brush. Here at BridgeWood, we ADORE this brush and have used it to make hundreds and hundreds of toys. With proper care, it will give you beautiful results for dozens of future projects.


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“Wow.”, they said, turning the colorful block over in their hands. “How did you get it to look so smooth and perfect?”

Your secret? Getting great results is always easier when using great tools! And this reusable, luxurious brush is a wonderful tool for the serious toymaker.


Why You Will Love Your Large BridgeWood Brush:
-Luxurious Gold Ferrule and Lacquered Wood
-Synthetic Bristles
-½” Large Stencil Brush
-Long Lasting with Proper Care
-Reusable – Make more toys or use it for other projects!

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 0.7 in
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