Comfortable and sturdy, BridgeWood’s ‘ squeegee’s unique shape is perfect for mixing up your favorite color palette. The pointed side reaches into tight corners of the paint pots to thoroughly mix up streak-free colors. And on the other, the spatula has just the right flex for smoothly applying buttery paint with control and ease.

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“I could watch that for hours,” she said,  entranced by the tornado of blue, white, and yellow acrylic toy-safe paint melting into a soft, creamy green. She peers closer, watching as you give another stir, using the point of the squeegee to quickly sweep paint out of hard-to-reach corners. Finished, you both step back to look at the pastel rainbow of paint pots filling the table. “Those are all of their favorite colors,” she smiles, trying to talk over the sudden outburst of giggling coming out of the playroom. “They can never choose just one!”

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Dimensions 9.5 × 2 × 1.5 in
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