Simplicity Pattern

        “Oh!” she gasped, pushing asides crinkling tissue paper. White and Wood Love Letters were nestled among the colorful wrapping, their simplicity piercing through the joyful rainbow. She picked one up, cradling it in her hand as she inspected it more closely.

           The creamy wood would have appeared white if it had not been for the snowy letters gracing its front. Instead, it gleamed like soft honey. Then, as her finger ran across its surface, she could feel the roughness of the ridged wood grain transition to the smooth, velvety paint and then back again.

           “You made these toys?” She looked up, the corners of her mouth lifting. “They’re beautiful.” She breathed.

White BridgeWood Classic Wooden ABC Block Love Letter Toy Gift

Elegant. Your homemade toys will be simply elegant.

           White on Wood. It is minimal but lovely. If you create a complete alphabet Love Letter toy set, you can match almost any holiday or seasonal décor, making them highly versatile for spelling your favorite phrases for special events. If you are giving them as a gift but are unsure what colors your loved one would like, this pattern is a safe, beautiful choice.

           Your Made-With-Love toys will look gorgeous whether set on a shelf or scattered about the playroom.

           You will need the Prism stencil set and the Toymaker Love Letter kit to create this pattern. The Prism stencil is the only stencil set that contains the reverse negative of the star, which you need to get a naked, wooden star.

           But! If you do not wish to purchase the Prism set, you can also use the stars that come standard in your Toymaker Kit. Simply paint the end grain entirely white and mix a very light pastel color of your choice. Then, apply that very light-colored star to the end grain. Although it won’t be a wooden star, it will still make lovely toys.

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