Sweet Things Pattern

“AAAAAAAEEEEEE,” the child carefully draws out the sound. You can feel the vibrations of lilting voice through their warm cheek, which they have placed right next to yours. Your nose itches from the tickling of wispy hairs brushing against your nostrils. A light shake brings relief, and you can again concentrate on the homemade toy in front of you.

 “You got it, sweetheart!” you say, holding your hand for a high five. You continue, “Someday, when you are learning to write, you will write it like this.” You hold their little finger, tracing over the letter ‘A.’ “It takes some practice, but I know you will get it.”

They look up at you, small worries creasing their brow. “Will you help me?” they ask, reaching up to hug you tight around the neck.

You peel back the enthusiastic arms a little bit, reclaiming your airway. “Of course!” The tip of your finger wiggles the button nose back and forth. “What do you think I am doing now? Here,” you pause and look at the piles of Love Letter Toys in front of you. “Let’s spell something together. What do you want to spell?”

The child tilts their head, thinking. Then their eyes light up. “I want to spell, “You Are My Favorite Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever!”

You toss your head back and laugh. “That’s a long phrase. I’m not sure we have enough letters for it.” But you squeeze them and say, “But let’s go ahead and try.”

Harvest Thanksgiving BridgeWood Classic Wooden Block Love Letter Heirloom Toys

Sweet Things is a lovely pattern of soft, warm, and inviting colors. This pattern will make toys that are perfect for a room meant for snuggles and cuddles!

Sweet Things is also an excellent pattern for fall-themed toys to remind you of falling leaves and golden harvests.

You can also switch out red, pink, and yellow for blue, green, and purple. It is the same pattern but will give you a dramatically different toys!

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