Winter Wonderland Pattern


You squint an eye open, peeking out from mounds of cozy blankets. The air is chilly, and you start shrinking back into the warm nest when two THUMPs shake your body. You feel little limbs scrambling as the children haul themselves over the mountain of covers and wiggle up to the pillows. Little fingers grasp the edge of the blankets and pull back. You glance up to see impish faces grinning down at you.

“It SNOWED!” they yell, pulling the sheets down. You grasp for your comfy covers but are too late, feeling the blankets slip out of your hands. The kiddos are already in your lap, replacing the warmth of the blankets with loving hugs.

“It snowed! It snowed!” They continued to shout, snuggling into you, placing their noses close to yours.

“It’s time for snow day toys and cookies!” they crow.

You smile. You had known for a few days that it would likely snow today and you are already prepared. Leaning towards the children, you tickle their sides and say, “Silly kiddos. Didn’t you look at the kitchen counter? The snowfall toys are already there!”

They glance at each other. Then, sledding feet first down the blankets, they take off running to the kitchen. You call after them, “Don’t start making the cookies without me!” Hooting, hollering, and the sounds of a toy tower tumbling to the ground are your only response. You smile. There are worse ways to wake up.

Winter Snowflake Pastel Blue, White and Wood Homemade Alphabet Block Love Letter Toys

This soft, pastel blue pattern is perfect for making winter snowflake toys and snowy décor! Or for a little boy’s room. Or a little girl who loves blue. Or well… For just about anytime and anywhere!

You can also follow this pattern but switch out the blue for a different color. Baby pastels of any color would make a delightful addition to any lucky baby’s nursery.

You can adjust the tint of the pastel to whatever you desire. We suggest starting with a dark pastel and slowly lighten it until you get your perfect look.

Mixing pastels requires a lot of toy-safe, Snowy White paint. If you have the 9-block Love Letter Toy kit, you likely won’t need more white paint. Just be sure to reserve at least half of the Snowy White paint to finish your blocks. But if you are creating a 36-block Love Letter set, you will likely need to purchase extra Snowy White paint to ensure that you have enough for your entire project.

The Winter Wonderland pattern partners beautifully with the Simplicity pattern.

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